Shaftless screw conveyors

     Excellent technical designs have one common feature most of the time. They work on the basis of a simple principle, are reliable, efficient, and have versatile application. Axle-free spiral conveyors are exactly this type.

     The main basic element of axle-free spiral conveyors is an axle-free spiral made of first-class steel with a thickness of 4 - 40 mm and an external diameter of 25 - 750 mm. In the axle-free spiral conveyor, there is no internal shaft or bearings and material transport takes place along nearly the entire conveyor cross-section. The axle-free spiral, with its precisely defined cross-section and rotating motion allows the transport of a large quantity of material at low speed and with minimum electricity consumption.

     Every axle-free spiral conveyor is custom-designed and made according to the customer’s requirements and for the corresponding type of transported material. This allows for optimum adaptation of the axle-free spiral conveyor to various types of materials and the existing technology.