Light Axle-Free Spiral Conveyors


Light axle-free spiral conveyors (types SL, SLN, SLP) are used for the transport of delicate and light materials with transport performances from about 0.001 to 4 m3/hr. A major advantage of these conveyors is the possibility of transport in arches and over large distances up to 120 m per drive unit and very precise dosing of the transported material. Along the entire transport route, there is no intermediate storage, which allows transport of material in the entire section at a performance about 70% higher than the performance of classic worm conveyors with a shaft with comparable speed and conveyor diameter.

The major application of light axle-free spiral conveyors is especially in the food-processing, chemical, and plastic industries for dosing into packing machines and weighing equipment, emptying and filling of BiG-BAG's, etc. The radius of the arches are designed for individual diameters of conveyors in an optimum manner so that the main principle is preserved, i.e. centring of an axle-free spiral by the transported material. In one route, it is possible to use several inputs, fall-outs, and arches depending on the physical properties of the transported material and the technological conditions. The material design of the conveyors can be according to the requirement of the customer steel, stainless or plastic.