Transported materials


We Can Transport Everything that is Loose, Adhesive, and Flowing

This is the reality of use of axle-free spiral conveyors produced by our company.

From the very wide range of use, we select the following applications and transport of materials using  axle-free spiral conveyors:

-   Energy production (lignite and pit-coal, coke, coke and coal dust, ash, fly ash, petroleum waste, cinder, dross) 

-  Heavy industry, metallurgy (bentonite, crushed glass, aluminum granulate, carbide dust, corundum grit, cast-iron and steel splinters, magnesite, manganese ore, steel marbles, glass batch, heavy metals)

-  Nuclear industry (uranium dust, active coal)

-  Chemical industry (dyes, brown stone, bisphenol A, fertilizers, chloramine, alum, catalysts, rubber, cyanide, acids, ice, saltpeter, urea, sulfur, ammonium sulfate, aluminum sulfate, soda, putties)

-   Food-processing industry (peanuts, cappuccino, sugar, tea, chocolate mass, apples, mustard, cocoa, coffee, spice, lactose, gluten, grains, flour, muesli, pepper, pastry, pudding, raisins, fish, rape, rice, salt, cream, breadcrumbs, dried milk, starch, tobacco, curd cheese, pasta, egg shells, dried vegetable mixtures, cabbage)

-  Plastic industry (ABS, PE, PP, PA, PVC granulates, crushed rubber, polystyrene)

-  Woodworking industry (wood dust, veneer, parings, pellets, sawdust, chips)

-  Construction (agglomeration dust, asphalt granulate, cellulose, cement, clays, kaolin, diatomaceous earth, pearlite, sand, plaster, gravel, fireclay, lime, lime sludge, granite grit)

-  Ecology (electrical scrap, sludge, dust-offs, grass mixture, filtering fills)

-  Agriculture (biomass, feed mixtures, corn, legumes, grains, fruits, colza, pollard, vegetables)

-  Light industry (borax, chalk, mineral wool, paper, polystyrene, wash powders, textile fibers and shears)

-   Pharmaceutical industry (penicillin)  

The most precious thing we can offer you is especially our „know-how“. Our constant development and installation of new, still untried types of transported materials with the assistance of our customers allows us to stay ahead.

All our customers, regardless of size, give us information and experience from the operation of axle-free spiral conveyors that we further use for the transport of new and difficult-to-transport materials under unique technological conditions.

We will gladly provide you with the experience with transport of loose materials, their storage, and physical properties during a free phone consultation.

In the production and warehouse complex, we have prepared test conveyors for the possibility of transport of your material and a selection of more than 100 types of axle-free spirals and accessories for axle-free spiral conveyors.