Vibrating conveyors

Vibrating tube conveyor are ideally suited to highly abrasive materials, bulk food materials, chemicals and fertilizers.

These tube conveyors feature – two highly efficient externally mounted vibrators, that provide a unidirectional vibratory motion along the conveyor axis. With no screws, drag chains, bearing seals, or other internal moving parts, the units require little to no maintenance and are ideal for sanitary applications.

Conveying action is gentle, and because the product never comes in contact with moving parts, product degradation is virtually eliminated.

Engineered with only two moving parts, vibrators and isolators, the conveyors are economical to use, easy to clean, and simple to maintain with virtually no process downtime.


  • high transportation velocity and gentle treatment of the material
  • easily cleaned with no moving parts
  • low maintenance
  • low wear
  • low power consumption
  • extremely quiet operation
  • simplicity of a design
  • reliability