Feed Extrusion and Production of Feed Mixtures

The company Farmet offers highly effective and optimized technological solutions for highest-quality feed. All technological equipment is tailored for the customer and offers optimized operating costs while meeting strict sanitary regulations. Our production routine lays stress on reliability of machinery, so that problems and interruptions of operation are minimized.

Ease of use and maintenance and high work efficiency are the foremost assets of Farmet technology. Our solutions always come with technical support, engineering services, installation, commissioning, and a reliable and high-quality warranty and post-warranty service. Our goal is full customer satisfaction.

Feed Extrusion

Farmet produces screw extruders that cover a range of performance and application. These extruders can be further assembled into extrusion lines. Overall performance is then determined by the number and type of equipment used.

Feed Mixtures Production

Farmet offers sophisticated technological equipment for compound feed preparation and production.

Full Model Range of Extruders

Extruders of the FE line represent top-class equipment, which excel in versatility, variability and effectiveness. Many modified configurations of these extruders are offered, allowing optimal solution for any farmer or feed producer.

Complex Soybean Processing

Farmet offers a unique technology for the complex processing of soybeans (soya). This technology involves a sophisticated approach to all the steps between raw soybeans and final products – 1) oils intended for food- and feed-related, or technical applications and 2) products derived from the press cake, varying both in their nutritional composition (content of protein, fiber, and fat) and their structural and textural characteristics.

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